Gourmet Food Gift Ideas for Hannukah

If you’re looking for gourmet food gift ideas for Hannukah, then you’ve come to the right place. Foods make perfect gifts during Hanukkah because it is a celebration that brings the whole family together for fellowship and food. The food gift ideas you will see here will surely please any gourmet because they are all delicious, respect religious Jewish customs, and honorage-old Jewish traditions. Continue reading for some food gift ideas for Jewish gourmets on the Festival of Lights.


The latke (potato pancake) is one of the traditional foods during Hanukkah. You can find gourmet recipes for latkes on many online cooking websites. Latkes make perfect gifts during Hanukkah because they are greatsnacks and can be as served as a tasty side dishwithalmost any meal. You can make latkes with cheese to make them more meaningful because the cheese is connected to thestoryin the Apocrypha about Judith, the widow who defeated an enemy by feeding him cheese and wine until he became too drunk to fight. You can also make latkes with sweet potatoes or apples, and then serve them with apple sauce or sour cream.

Traditional Meats

Jewish gourmets will also love getting traditional meat dishes as gifts during Hanukkah. Some of the traditional meats served during Hanukkah are chicken, brisket, goose, and salmon. Just make sure that you don’t give a meat dish as a gift during Hanukkah if you know that your friend has a dairy product on the table. Meat products must not be served with dairy products in order for the meal to remain kosher. You can find many Hanukkah meat recipes on the internet that can satisfy Jewish gourmets. Some of the best meat recipes for Hanukkah are striped bass in agrodolce sauce, apricot-glazed chicken, and smoked salmon with horseradish cream.

Cheese Dishes

Cheese dishes also make great gifts during Hanukkah because Judith’s story is one of the most important stories in the Jewish Bible. Cheese-heavy dishes are usually included in most Hanukkah meals. Remember that before you decide to give a cheese dish as a gift during Hanukkah, make sure that there are no meat dishes on the table because cheese is a dairy product. Some of the most popular cheese dishes that Jewish gourmets will like are gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, baked spaghetti squash lasagna style, zucchini parmesan latkes, and roasted marinated peppers with goat cheese.

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