Popular Christmas Dishes in America

Food is definitely a very important part of Christmas. In the past, the majority of people associated the act of eating well with happiness, wealth and health. The most important ingredient from the Christmas meals is the meat and the most notably types are ham, turkey, fish and goose. The pastries are also extremely popular in the days of Christmas and there are countless specific American holiday cakes, cooks and candies.

Every family has some definite food traditions when it comes to Christmas, regardless we speak about stuffed sausage, roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, plum pudding or lasagna. Here are some of the most popular Christmas dishes in America.

The fruitcakes have been popular since the pagan times of the Romans. The ancient Romans mixed raisins, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds in a barley mash. They are now evolved, but the idea is the same and now these cakes are associated with Christmas.

The Egg Nog was called originally eggs and grog and it is not that hard to imagine what the ingredients were. Soon, the name changed into a shorter version and it becomes a very popular Christmas drink. It is served as well at New Year’s Eve and is made in very large quantities and as an alcoholic beverage.

The cookies are very small little sweets that are more often than not used in Christmas time to decorate the Christmas tree. They are eaten even before Christmas and because they are quite heavy for the branches, they were replaced with wooden and glass ornaments.

The most important element and the most popular as well is the Christmas turkey. It is a traditional British as well as American Christmas dish and the recipes are countless. Practically every family has its own recipe and more often than not it passes to the daughters from their mothers. The turkey is sometimes stuffed with different ingredients and served with sweet potatoes or curry sauce. The turkey has become a symbol of the Christmas dinner and no American can imagine a traditional Christmas dinner without a proper turkey.

Of course, because of the numerous people that have different origins, everyone in America uses to celebrate Christmas according to the traditions of the parents and grandparents. This is why we can see Greeks eating moussakka for Christmas and Italians serving their delicious lasagna. The Christmas is a joyful time of the year and all people celebrate it through food, drink and a gathered family around the Christmas tree.

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